New Java Update Introduces JavaFX Scene Builder

Oracle have been busy – they have released the latest update for Java 7 and JavaFX 2.2, introducing the first release of JavaFX Scene Builder. There’s good news for developers on Mac OS X, as they will have full availability of the release, and get auto-updates at the same time as those on Windows platforms.

Along with the good news for Mac owners, there is now a JDK for Linux on ARM v6/v7 so that you can get Java running on your Raspberry Pi.  Henrick Stahl has more details about the ARM port.

Is the Oracle JDK port to ARM available in OpenJDK? No, and we are not planning on open sourcing it at this point.
I own a Raspberry Pi/BeagleBoard/PandaBoard. How do I get Java running on it? Make sure that you use a Linux distribution that uses the softfloat ABI, then download and install the Oracle JDK on it.

JavaFX is now fully integrated into the Java SE implementation from this release. There is also the essential addition of multi-touch support, and an application packager to make distributing new bundles easier.

The Scene Builder provides a visual layout tool to create your JavaFX user interfaces.  
In other news, JavaOne attendees will be treated to performances by Pearl Jam and Kings of Leon at the Appreciation Event this September.

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