Start Building For Apple Watch Today

With the imminent release of Apple Watch, most development teams with an iOS app will want to get in on the action. But you want to do this without messing up your current Xcode environment. Luckily, it’s all pretty easy.

First, to access the WatchKit SDK, you’ll need to install the beta version of Xcode 6.2, which is conveniently listed at the bottom of Apple’s WatchKit page. The essential thing is that once you download the .dmg and click on it to start the installation, don’t drag it directly onto your Applications folder (the default action). Instead, make a folder inside Applications for the beta version, say Xcode-6.2-beta and drag the beta version into that directory. You can now run beta Xcode from that directory when you want to do your WatchKit experimentation, safe in the knowledge that your production Xcode is still the system default.

As well as Apple’s documentation, I followed a tutorial on Ray Wenderlich’s site to get up to speed quickly

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