Instant Dependency Management with RequireJS

Dependency Management with RequireJSGreg Franko has put together a really concise, useful book on RequireJS. Weighing in at just 29 pages, this book is not too demanding on your time. Don’t let that discourage you; the knowledge you’ll pick up is indispensible.

The book caters for developers who are already familiar with RequireJS, as well as complete newbies. You’ll be shown how to setup a simple RequireJS configuration for your web application and shown how it works in the background.

From there, you’ll be show how to create AMD modules to use with RequireJS, before moving onto the best parts of the book, showing how to use JQuery and Backbone with RequireJS.

What might interest most developers, however, is the application of the DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) development principle when developing desktop and mobile web logic. Greg provides a recipe that will make this trivial for you to implement for your project.
Although short, this book is incredibly effective and gets the point with surgical precision. If you’re serious about your JavaScript code base, you’ll want this e-book.


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