Reduce Workspace Noise in Eclipse Using Working Sets

Last week I wrotefew articles on how Eclipse can assist when working in team environments. Today, I have another Eclipse related tip – this time to do with how you organise your local workspace. Developers will typically have a number of projects in their workspace at any one time. If you’re working with a plug-in/OSGi system, the number of projects can be huge.

For example, this is one of my workspaces:

So one of the best ways to reduce the workspace noise is to move to working sets. Typically your projects can be grouped into categories, whether that’s functional or feature related. Choosing Working Sets as your package explorer view, you can group your projects into these sets.

And using the Configure Working Sets option, you can even choose which working sets to display at any time.

From this view you can edit working sets to choose what projects to include. You can also right click on a project at any time and using the Assign Working Sets menu option, send it to one (or many) working sets.

By default, any project without a working set appears in the predefined “Other Projects” working set. Another benefit of this new organisation is that you can “Go Into” any working set (second option in the right click of a working set) to drill down into that working set only:

The new project/import project wizards even allow you to assign the new addition to your workspace to a working set immediately.

It’s all pretty simple, but when I first found this feature it really helped me clear up how I worked. Hopefully it’s useful to you too.